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Learning to Surrender with Michelle Lazurek

Episode Summary

Join Carol McLeod today for an exciting interview with guest Michelle Lazurek! Michelle is an author, speaker, pastor's wife, literary agent and certified writing coach who helps Christians reach their potential, mentors new writers and gives hope to weary leaders. Her latest book ‘I Surrender All (Sort Of)’ is a Christian living nonfiction book about the power of surrender. As someone who has battled with anxiety, Michelle shares her personal struggles and how a crisis brought her to the end of herself. Complete with personal stories, testimonies from others who have learned about surrender, and practical tips and strategies to incorporate surrender into your life, Michelle Lazurek teaches that I Surrender All is not just a hymn sung at church, but a way of life.

Episode Notes

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“Significant Women” is a weekly podcast for women to gather with their personal stories, dynamic hope and wisdom gleaned from the ordinary days of an uncommon life. Our goal is to simply encourage women in every season of life that their story matters; when Jesus is involved in the details, every woman’s life can be a significant representation of all that He is. 

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